• Jo-Jo O'Donoghue

This EP was a work of heart. Blood. Sweat. Tears.

12:33 am...April 15, 2015

And a very long time coming at that.  Bursting at the seams with the desire to record our newest and most organic material, there were these old songs that we just didn't feel right about leaving behind. This is 'Old Friends & Lost Souls'.  These six songs are the epitome of our journey  over the last six years to our musical identity, and fragments of our struggle as artists trying to find our way, without forgetting our beginnings.  This EP is an ode to the children we were.  It is only with a child-like faith, that anything grand is accomplished, and that is what we are fighting to hold on to.  These songs survived our relentless self hatred, artistic inadequacies and musical growing pains.  And although there is still much work ahead of us, and though I always hate everything I create, I think for the first time it is safe to say we are proud of this small victory.  We dedicate these songs to those who started the fight, to the kids who believed there was more, those who are still fighting, those still wandering, and those whose hearts belong to the night.

To Old Friends and Lost Souls.



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