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The Spring has blown past, the Summer waning...

August 8, 2016

You can feel the autumn in the early morning air... Life is a whirlwind. I suppose that is because I want it to be. I like to be busy. I like to create. I like to be swallowed whole by whatever it is that I am doing... for all my failings and issues in life; Commitment certainly is NOT among them.

We arrived home from Ireland in April. I must say, as happy as I am to be surrounded by my family, to see my nieces and nephews growing like little weeds and reconnecting with everyone I love...At night I am dreaming of green and missing Ireland and all that it gives to my soul. We are certainly missing our Tuesday nights at Darkey Kelly's with all the usual suspects, the Darkey's boys, the wonderful international crowds, the beer and the MUSIC!! We found a little magic in that wee pub on Fishamble... looking forward to playing music and having a pint or four with our dear friends someday soon.

We have been fortunate enough to be the recipients of a $10,000 dollar TELUS STORYHIVE small town music video grant!!! We spent May preparing and most of June bringing to life the music video for our song 'Old Friends'. An ALL consuming experience for sure; from the auditioning process, to the technical difficulties, a horse training crew of three fabulous women, (one who nearly lost her thumb to the big black gelding...) Hungry children getting eaten by hungry red ants, (that one’s on me guys... I should have brought bug spray) Dealing with daily thunderstorms - weather that was determined to ruin our video. And silicone nipple covers that don't match your skin tone...(this one I did not see coming...) I love making videos, I can't write a song without accidentally planning the video, and full length feature film, plus the prequel and sequel... it’s an on-going issue. I've always been trapped between the crossovers of so many artistic worlds, never able to choose just one, because I am not just one. So, getting the opportunity to kind of go-to-town on this video and wear so many different hats - so to speak; was a bit of a dream come true.  We cast 28 children from Lacombe and area to appear in our video, in the auditioning process we asked them a series of questions, and their answers became their characters. The whole concept of 'Old Friends' was to bring to life the idea of BEING your dreams and not just dreaming them. Conquering your fears of failure. As children we have this un-penetrable belief in ourselves... and in our personal experience this fades as you get older... and what a shame that is! When we really need that oblivious self love - it is gone, the world beat it out of us. As artists, we are forever in search of this inner child, starving to rediscover that little person who couldn't see the rules, who believed anything was possible. It was truly inspiring to be surrounded by such wonderful kids, and we are honoured to have all 28 of these little people as a part of our story. Thank you, to each and everyone one of you little gems!!

On Saturday, July 30th we had the opportunity to perform as Janis Joplin & The Kozmic Blues Band at 'WOODSTOCK- One night of Peace & Love' at The Trestle Creek Resort near Entwistle, AB. I feel the elusive Little Girl Blue has been slinking around my music career since the very first time I opened my mouth to sing; A junior high talent show, I was 14 years old. An old man (or so he seemed to me at the time) came up to me after, shook my hand and said "I haven't heard a voice like that since Woodstock, 1969"... I never figured out who this man was, somebody's dad? Somebody's granddad? And I never understood what he meant at the time, but I did know that name, 'Miss Janis Joplin'...Every time I would sing afterwards - this would be a reoccurring interaction with the people of her generation, for whatever reason her people find her in me, and I'm pretty sure I have nothing to do with it. Here we are 13 years later, I am 27, the same age Janis was when we lost her... some sort of carrying on of the torch, I'd like to think I did her justice, sent Janis my best. My childhood cohort, Darian Flinn, who secretly signed me up for that talent show in grade 9, made me my Janis blouse and vest. I ordered my tie die bellbottoms from Made for Pearl, Janis Joplin's nieces clothing line.... Talk about a full circle moment. Honoured to be compared to this larger than life woman. Humbled to have had the opportunity to play her for one groovy evening.

We are spending the rest of our summer finishing up the writing of our full length album, we are getting there... She is starting to take shape, we are VERY excited to share this beast with the world. Ears to the ground...

Peace & Love

Jo-Jo O'

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