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So, by now you've all probably realized how bad we are at keeping up on this whole "blog thing"...

February 8, 2017


We've had a pretty wild winter, time seems to slip through my little fingers... We were really hoping to have our Album completed by now, but apparently this is NOT the case. Which breaks my heart a little... there was reasons for this delay, some that are beyond my little human brain comprehension but ALL in due time... I have always had the bad habit of rushing... rushing through everything, I like results, I like to check things off of my list... The Universe might be trying to teach me a lesson here (and I'm not an easy one to teach) - I am not in control of everything, there are some things you can't rush... everything is unfolding as it should...I am exactly where I am meant to be...

Let's go with that so I don't unravel into a fiery mess and start stabbing people!

BLEED GREEN Spring 2017!!

Our sails are set back east to revisit our favourite little Island, we have released some dates for our BLEED GREEN Spring 2017 Tour and we are elated to return to our little home away from home-'s going to be very weird to be back in Ireland and not get to go back to our frighteningly small Ranelagh apartment... I liked it there (after I got over my daily claustrophobic panic attacks)... even the mold growing on the ceiling grew on me.


We are really excited to announce that we have been selected to perform as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto in April! Which makes for a very exciting and nostalgic Spring for us...We also had an unimaginably small apartment in Toronto, with a fire escape I fashioned into a bit of a deck, I spent many nights awake looking at the city lights from Gladstone & Dundas, thinking big thoughts and dreaming big dreams. It's crazy how everywhere you live you leave a little piece of yourself behind, how you'll never really be "home" again because your home is everywhere you've been.  I'm really looking forward to some city nights in our old stomping grounds with some old friends.

As we are preparing for our upcoming tours, I am finding myself on a bit of a shopping spree, so being an independent artist basically translates to NO SHOPPING SPREES EVER... so I'm trying to work that one out but DAMN IT - I'm pretty sure I NEEDED those new sunglasses and those Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks.... Can't keep the fabulous down.

All The Love & Lipstick,

Jo-Jo O'


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