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'Oh! Brother'...

March 1, 2016

We are so relieved to have FINALLY filmed and released our video for 'Oh! Brother'!!!… Of course it was my genius idea to film outside... in the winter… in Ireland… So, obviously, we had been rained out for 14 straight weeks! However, we are not only so very pleased with our new music video, but so thankful for the wonderful work of Mr. Paul Heary of Irish Video Design. His neurotic attention to detail can only rival my own, and for that I am grateful :-) If you are on this island and require a video of any kind, Paul is your man. We were lucky enough to film in the breathtaking scapes of Glendalough Valley, Co. Wicklow (…not too far now from where my brother from another mother, Hozier is from…Yes, I am still convinced I will cross paths with my tall, musical and majestic Irish soul mate and we WILL sing sweet songs into each other’s ears...) If you haven't watched our video yet, YOU MUST, if only for the beautiful scenery.

Plans for our next video? Obviously already in motion… no rest for the wicked.

'Oh! Brother' Music Video Link:

Paul Heary Contact:

086 389 2884


We are well into the writing of our next Full Length Album, due to be recorded in the fall… released sometime after that. (Spring 2017 we reckon) Demo recording has also begun, we have been so fortunate to have been allowed to invade the studio (and wine cello, Sláinte Mick!) at Linsfort Music Studios, here in Dublin. Writing means I no longer sleep. It is an endless cycle of too many ideas - CAN'T sleep, won't sleep, NEED to sleep, wish I could sleep! Might as well start cleaning...Might as well try on all my clothes and paint my face!… Might as well glue all of my fake eyelashes on at once! (For the record, fucking fabulous. There's no such thing as too many lashes.) Then - I look over and see sweet little Rylan, always sleeping like a baby. This is when the fantasizing begins; The fantasy of smothering Rylan with a pillow while he sleeps out of some sort of a "sleep-deprived-sleep-jealous" rage!!! But I don't. And that’s true love kids.

What else is new…? Rylan's sister Lhea and her husband Colin welcomed into the world a beautiful and healthy bouncing baby girl!! Her name is Tabitha Faith and Rylan is still beaming with pride. So - between the two of us that makes 8 nieces and 8 nephews!! …don't tell our siblings but… this is getting completely out of hand!

We are proud to announce that Jo-Jo O' & The WOODS have been invited to perform on the Dublin stage for the 12th annual, Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival in Belfast, on March 3rd. We are looking forward to sharing the stage with our friends, Tony Floyd Kenna, Rhiannah Warm, Mick Brady and Chris Burke!!  (See Gigs for the full schedule.) We are starting to feel right at home up in the north!! Then - Look out Donegal…we are headed your way!!! You can catch us two nights, and two nights only at The Drift Inn in Buncrana, Co. Donegal… we're mostly going for the scenery, but we figured we'll play a few tunes while we were in town. After our stints in Northern Ireland and Donegal, we can be found celebrating St. Paddy's Day in The Fair City herself.  Life is good. But much work to be done… I'm starting to feel the tingling of the warm western breeze blowing us back to The Great White North…More News to come!!



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