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Friday, November 3rd, 2017

The wind is cold and the white stuff has found me. I despise winters in Alberta, truly, madly, deeply despise them. I have lived here for most of my life, but one does not simply get "used" to freezing to death for six month out of the year, EVERY YEAR... How and ever, I am feeling pretty good about this coming winter. We have a focus, I can see some light. We are changing. We are taking a new shape. I feel like shaving my head, shedding my skin, burning everything down and growing from a seed once again...Jo-Jo O' & The WOODS are RE CALIBRATING.

This has been a busy and emotionally exhausting year for us. We have had the privilege of meeting such wonderful artists from all over the world, we played in some fabulous venues for some tremendous audiences, and we have had such a great time doing it. That being said, we have also lost some friends, had horrible experiences with other artists, in dreadful venues and seen the ugly under belly of this fickle industry. Life has certainly taught us a thing or two, and we are trying to learn the lessons.

This winter we wrap up our long awaited sophomore releases, NEW music is headed your way in the NEW Year and we couldn't be more excited about it!! In these coming months you will be hearing A LOT more from us, and seeing A LOT less of us. We are really excited about the future and what this winter will mean for us. We have really worked our asses off, since the inception of Jo-Jo O' & The WOODS we have played over 200 shows in 5 different countries, written what feels like a million songs and left our hearts and souls out on the stage every single night.

I sing my tits off EVERY time that microphone is in my hand and it's due time for a change of pace.

Saturday, October 28th we were honoured to have been invited to perform at The Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala, and it was the last time that Jo-Jo O' & The WOODS will be performing until further notice!

We want to thank EVERYONE who has supported us up to this point. Special Thank Yous to our LIVE band here in Canada, Mr. Nich Davies & Kurtis Cockerill for joining us in the studio and out there on stage this past year, it has been so fun seeing our songs come to life through you both. Thank you to our friends at Venues at home and abroad for your continued support; Cafe BlackBird (Edmonton), Bo's Bar & Grill (Red Deer), Darkey Kelly's (Ireland), The Drift Inn (Ireland), The Homeplace (Lacombe), Rod and Larissa Ince (House Concert, Lacombe), Bull Skit Comedy (Red Deer), BlindMand Brewing (Lacombe) & The Great City of Lacombe!

Thank you to our VERY special friends Mick Brady (Dublin), Tony Floyd Kenna (Dublin), Ronnie Purvis (Belfast) Maria Castalla & Josep Homs (Barcelona) for hosting us, help booking us, and taking us under your big, friendly wings. We are forever grateful.

Thank you to ALL the fine folks who've come out to our shows, bought our music, t-shirts and merch, sang along with me and inspire us to continue doing what we love!!

We will be back on stage VERY SOON, bigger, better, badder and BALLSIER than ever. (Side Note: Ballsier is actually a real word - I looked it up.)

On a Sad Note...This year we lost some very dear furry loved ones and we wanted to take a moment to share a bit of their little lives with you.

The Majestic Shiraz stood about 16.5 hands tall and she must have weighed more than my car. She stole our hearts from the beginning with her dreamy, silver, speckled coat. Though Shiraz was terrified of my jewelry, hats, bell sleeves and general "Jo-Jo-Ness", she was always a good sport, starring in our 'Old Friends' Music Video and several of our band promo photography. Shiraz was an ethereal beauty; The Last Unicorn. She was well loved and we are honoured to have her immortalized in some of our work. LONG LIVE THE GREY. Rest in Peace old girl.

Our beloved Fur-Nephew Guinness, The Golden Irish Wheaten Terrier, passed away while we were finishing up the last leg of our tour in Catalonia. Guinness was unlike any other, a real life Prince Charming and fierce protector. The first time I met that little fur ball he peed all over my feet and tried to ride on my head... He proceeded to do this EVERY TIME I would see him for the rest of his little life. As inconvenient as getting peed on was, there was something so very special about how he saved up all that extra lovin' just for me. Guinness will be sorely missed by all who knew & loved him, my feet will remain cold & dry, and there will be a Guinness shaped hole in our hearts. Thank you for all the memories kid.

We'll be Thinking of You Often. Loving You Forever, Remembering You For Always.

Be Kind & Take Care of Each other.

We'll be seeing you.

Love, Jo-Jo O' X


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