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Bleed Green...

As I sit here propped up in my bed, sick as a dog with one of my most guiltiest pleasures nattering in the background (Pretty Little Liars... I just can't get enough, it's a sickness, NETFLIX has taken over my existence.) I am feeling a little strange... We had to cancel our show at The Homeplace this past Saturday due to band illness, aka, Jo-Jo illness, aka... If I didn't know any better I would think I was dying illness. I brought back a husky little cough from our BLEED GREEN 2017 Tour of Ireland & Northern Ireland, and in the first 3 days home it unraveled rapidly into Bronchitis & Laryngitis, I couldn't speak, definitely no singing, I was unable to stand longer than a few minutes and I got winded just trying to make it up the stairs to pee.

It has been two years that we have made our way in this world by writing and performing our music, this was the first time we have ever had to cancel a gig. I am feeling a little defeated without my voice, it's my super power, the one thing I can always rely on. It really makes me realize how I have to take better care of myself, this is all I've got, there is no back up plan, if I can't sing, I can't work, If I can't work, I'm in trouble- Not to mention I am liable to go fucking crazy. So- I hereby declare, I am going to take better care of Jo-Jo, she's a real high maintenance bitch, but if anyone can take her on, it's certainly me.


April 21st is the day! Our showcase is at 11:00pm at The Paddock Tavern, 178 Bathurst Street, Toronto's oldest speakeasy, an ideal venue for our duo show, as we are going to CMW stag. Calling all our Toronto buds! Come out to say hello & have a pint or FOUR with us like old times!!! How we've missed you ALL!!!

Tickets available at the DOOR! OR @ :


We didn't get as much writing done in Ireland as we had hoped, but that's generally how our life goes! You gotta hand it to me though- I'm a serious optimist despite my dark, gloomy & thorned exterior. Full length album coming along slowly but surely... We really appreciated trying out all the new material on the wonderful Irish audiences!


We had such an incredible time on tour last month, we are so humbled and blessed to have the opportunities we have had, both professionally and personally. To all of our friends & family in Ireland, we THANK YOU from the very bottom of our black hearts, you've made our lives a little fuller and our hearts a little bigger. We are forever grateful to you and for all that you continue to do for us. ALL THE LOVE from one of your little green exports. Bleed. Green.


We want to SCREAM IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to our dear friend Tiffany Ayalik & her partner in crime Grey Gritt of Quantum Tangle on your first JUNO WIN!! We are so proud of you both & we're sending you all of our LOVE!! So well deserved... THE HUSTLE IS REAL and no one knows it better than you!! And to think just 9 short years ago we we're in theatre class together at Red Deer College, interpretive dancing I'm sure, trying to sort out just what kind of artists we were going to be... I am elated for you Tiffy-Toes!!

Do yourselves a favour and take a listen to Quantum Tangle's Juno Award Winning Album, Tiny Hands! Support your artists!!

We really mean business this year, so we will be everywhere.

Keep your eyes peeled & ears perked ...

We'll be seein' you & you'll be hearing from us.

Jo-Jo O'  X


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