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The Singer

The Big Bad Bitch with The Microphone. The Conjurer. The Loudest Witch In The East & The West. Hailing from Lacombe Alberta, Canada. Eventually, she found herself on an Island in the south of England, where she collected some English boys & convinced them to join her band.


In Her Own Words:


“ I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t humming or singing under my breath. Teachers, bosses, co-workers and family telling me to be quiet is a lifelong theme. I am still the asshole behind you at the supermarket or in the lift minding my own business and singing my little heart out. My Dad taught me a few chords when I was little, Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles was the first song I learned to play. Unlike piano, and every other instrument, guitar came naturally to me, it felt good in my hands. I loved sitting cross legged on my bed and figuring out songs with my very limited knowledge of chord to accompany myself. There is something about just a guitar and a voice… BUT when it came to performing, I didn’t want anything between me and the song. I realised early on that I was no instrumentalist, I was a Singer & a Frontwoman, and I had no interest in bringing a guitar on stage with me- That’s what guitarists are for. 


The 60’s American Folk Revival & British Invasion were my musical beginnings, that’s what I heard in my home, my parents vinyl collection was AMAZING, everything 60’s, 70’s & 80’s: CCR, Kris Kristofferson, Carly Simon, The Band, The Beatles, Etta James, The Righteous Brothers, Sonny & Cher, Neil Diamond, The Eagles, ABBA, Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Janis, Tina, eventually this lead me back to find the old blues artists which I deeply connected with, Bessie, Billie, Ella, B.B. It wasn’t long before I discovered David Bowie, Queen, Alice Cooper, Punk Rock & all things Rock’N’Roll.


Some of my favourite voices are Bessie Smith, Etta James, Freddie Mercury, and Janis Joplin. My favourite artist? BOWIE. Favourite Band? Impossible to answer, but probably QUEEN.


I joined Rylan’s band (after much persuasion) when I was about 14 years old. A moment that changed my life forever. 


My greatest influence is my maker. My mother is my Queen. A red lipsticked force of nature, who taught me everything I needed to know about standing my ground, kicking ass & how to move mountains while rockin’ a bitchin’ pair of heels. The OG Diva, there is no person more capable, resilient or more hilarious. These are facts.


Fun Fact: ABBA IS LIT & The Lord of The Dance is a revelation! Fight Me.”


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The Guitarman

Born in Red Deer, raised in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. The Guitar Slingin’ Boot Stompin, Songwritin, Bringer of ALL THAT IS COOL.


In His Own Words:


“My Dad got himself an acoustic guitar when I was about 9, I naturally gravitated towards it, the next Christmas I got a Fender Lead III that was saved from a music shop that caught fire.


My earliest musical influence was 100% Back to the Future. Marty rippin’ out Johnny B. Goode definitely consumed my mind as a kid. Basically anything that had distorted guitar I was into. My siblings got trapped in that Columbia House record scheme but as a result I got Ramones Anthology for $2. Basically, from that day on, those 58 songs were just on repeat. I mean, I’m listening to them right now.


Favourite guitarist? ... Can’t get away from Johnny Ramone. He was the best. All down stroke, the ultimate rock stance. There’s a picture of him walking down a New York street with his Mosrite in a shopping bag, he was the pinnacle of rock n’ roll. I’ve been searching for a Mosrite my whole life, one day.


I joined my first band when I was 13 I think. I can’t even remember if we had a name, we just played ramones, the distillers, white stripes, ate pizzas and corn dogs from the gas station and ripped around on a golf cart. It was awesome. I think my next band was called Ecnalumba... Ambulance backwards...good god.


My brother has been my greatest influence for sure. He’s 9 years older than me, and got me into everything I love. When I think back to being a kid he’s always there. He got me into BMX, punk rock, woodworking. He’s an awesome artist, he could make anything out of LEGO. He taught me to ride a bike, drive a car, helped me move away, helped me move back. He’s an incredible guy, just the best.


Fun fact: I can touch my elbows behind my back “


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The Lead Guitarist

The Fastest Fingers in The West. The Master of Melodic Wizardry. The Biggest Nerd with The Biggest Hair in The Band. Born in Newport on The Isle of Wight England, a real Island boy. 

We found Keir & Max in the basement of a London venue, where we fell in musical love one fateful summer. Keir, Keir, Keir, what can we say? He is the only living beast who rivals Jo-Jo’s glorious hair & steals her fabulous thunder (and she’s super OK with it).

In His Own Words:


“ I started playing guitar when I was around ten, after becoming disillusioned with piano lessons.


My early influence is Eric Clapton, who taught me the blues. Players like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen and Django Reinhardt came later.


I started my first band when I was 14, with an older kid who was obsessed with Slash... To the point that I think he wanted to actually be Slash. It was a bit odd but we played GNR covers and kicked ass so who cares. We were called Motherpearl, named after the inlays in "Slash's" Gibson Les Paul.


My all time favourite guitarist is my Dad, because he was the first person to inspire me to pick up the guitar after hearing him practice Clapton Unplugged over and over. He was also the person who introduced me to the blues.


My parents have been an incredible supportive influence throughout my life. Without their continued love and support, I wouldn't be in the position I am today.


Jo-Jo is also a huge influence on my life. She reminds me everyday to keep staying true to myself, to do what I want to do, to dress how I want to dress and to not give a fuck about anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.


Fun Fact? I like purple. And hair. “


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The Bass Baby

The Bringer of Tone. The Bass Man. The Tone Zone. Max hails from Buckinghamshire, England, he moved to the Isle of Wight as a wee one, where he cut his TEETH in bands since he was knee high to a grasshopper. The Italian Stallion, Mummy’s little Soldier... This brown eyed heartbreaker is the band baby and we will destroy any man, woman or child who messes with our little brother. He keeps us all well entertained with his shit chatting & bad British dad jokes.


In His Own Words:


“I started playing when I was 12. Always flitting between bass and guitar but awesome bands like Cream, Vulfpeck & Queens of The Stone Age, made me want to play bass. Also when I was young and was playing guitar in bands, it was always really hard to find a bass player and when the bass was added it was mind blowing. So full!


I loved 60’s music, Motown & Soul, Blues & Rock.


Joe Dart and Mikey Shoes are my favourite bass players but Paul McCartney’s got to be in there somewhere.


My mum is my greatest influence. And my Datcu. (Welsh for Grandad.)


I joined my first band when I was 12 with friends Mike, Josh and Rhys and we played some Oasis songs & some Pink Floyd tunes, we were called The Horny Toenails”


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The Drummer

The Left Handed Keeper of Time. The HeartBeat. The Pulse. The Backbone of the wacky world we’ve created. Born in Guildford England, Andy moved to the Isle of Wight as a pre-teen, where we found him many moons later. He was the last to join The Teeth, and was the blue eyed, tea making, fine dining, clean-cut, missing ingredient in our fabulously ridiculous line up.


In His Own Words:


“I've always tapped on surfaces and used cutlery to drum as long as I can remember but had my first lesson when I was 10 or 11 at Holy Trinity in Guildford.


My early influences were Roger Taylor, Phil Collins, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Travis Barker I mean, the list goes on.. I had a bit of a mixed bag when it came to artists I was listening to.. from Queen to The Offspring to Hillsong, it really was quite diverse... I definitely feel sorry for the neighbours looking back.


My favourite drummer? how can I pick just one?!?! Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Chester Thompson are a few names that spring to mind.


Fun Facts - I make the best cuppa tea.


Greatest influence? Probably my best buddy who has been there through thick and thin and has been honest, joining me in the bad decisions, but also believing in me when others put me down.”

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