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"Union bruitiste anglo-canadienne, Jo-Jo and The Teeth graffe les murs de la City avec les couleurs d’une pop aux nuances glam rock fluorescentes." - Rolling Stone France

"Jo-Jo & The Teeth's debut album has to be one of the slickest, meanest, mother fucking debut albums that has been let loose on the unsuspecting human race in many years." - The Punk Site

"Their self-produced and self-funded Debut album, No More Good News is smashing the charts. This album is nothing short of genius." - MNPR Magazine 

“Glam bluster and blazing guitar catchy as rota spikes”

Daily Express

20 Best Albums of 2022! ...Jimmy Page riffs, John Lee Hooker hooks and Slash licks. Retro injected electricity with a varied palette of tremendous retro songwriting. Timeless stuff.'





The New Wave of Glam starts here.


Jo-Jo & The Teeth are a London based Tour de Force with a whole lot of soul! Erupting with ferocious melodies, dirty swaggering riffs, slick licks, big ass drums and groovy as hell rhythms to stomp your big boots to. Impeccable vocals, haunting story telling lyrics, not too shiny though - just enough glitter to balance out their gritty, cold, black, Rock’N’Roll hearts. ‘It might not be Punk Rock, but it’s Punk As Fuck.’



"Rising stars in the United Kingdom, they have continued to captivate the masses. Their stage presence is wild and untamed."- MNPR Magazine


One of the most promising and exciting new acts of recent years, Jo-Jo & The Teeth capture the spirit of early 70's glam rock, the confrontational attitude of punk and they’re doing it with STYLE!” -  Loud Enough? Magazine


‘If you amped up the visceral attitude in Stevie Nicks’ vocals to 11, they’d still pale in comparison to the hooky veracity of Jo-Jo O’Donoghue’s blisteringly hot pop-rock vocal lines. That’s probably blasphemy, but I’ll prepare to repent for it to do Jo-Jo & The Teeth justice. It’s the least I could do given that she has given rock n roll an Americana iteration of Peaches.” - A&R Factory


"A vocal that drives straight at you like a bullet from a gun and a guitar that sings at you like it’s life depended on it.  If you're looking for the next big thing, then maybe just maybe you’ve gone and found it, right here." - The Punk Site

"Jo-Jo & The Teeth know exactly how to capture the attention of their listeners with their great instrumental twists and their excellent vocal technique." - Right Cord Music

"Jo-Jo and the Teeth delivers an explosive masterpiece in this album. Their true talent lies in the lyrical content and sound. Unequivocally, I can say this one of the top 5 albums of this year, and I was hooked from the first moment." - MNPR Magazine

"This is a band and a damn good one, groovy, classy, nasty, and very entertaining. This is different. You can’t guess it and I love that." - Bam In Real Life


“No More Good News’ infused with huge slices of glam rock, blues and pop with snarling vocals, guitar riffs aplenty and bombastic drums overlaying a driving rhythm section. But within this raw blast of swaggering energy, there is also a more poignant side to draw out.” - Louder Than War

"New York Dolls meet Joan Jett or Emanuela Hutter from those Hillbilly Moon Explosions channeling the spirit of Joplin. This debut album is a slick, loud, Glam and Rockin debut." - RPM Online


"They have been through it all and will stop at nothing, their endurance and intelligent music is heavy hitting. Their music is thought provoking, and their stage presence is jaw dropping." - MNPR Magazine

‘No More Good News‘ is a poignant and passionate portion of Glam Blues which nestles its way perfectly into our modern landscape. Ever proving their relevancy and flavourful, stand-out charm as a Glam Rock unit, Jo-Jo & The Teeth have simultaneously managed to embody a beacon of light as they play their way through the shadows – a shower of fiery sparks in dark times.” - Original Rock

"Jo-Jo & The Teeth are gurning to be an exciting stand out addition to the brimming UK music scene and I for one will be eagerly watching their ascent into rock notoriety." -  Metal Planet Music

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