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New Single out 15 July 2022

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 "Jo-Jo & The Teeth vocalist Jo-Jo O’Donoghue is a grungy goddess, and the unique alt-rock cadences of this glamorous band is my definition of heavenly." (Vive Le Rock Magazine, London)

"This reminds me of Buck & Evans as this is glam Punk with a blues edge to it and full-throated vocals that make it feel familiar after a couple of listens as it has a very classic sound to it.' (

"Lead Jo-Jo O’Donoghue takes the helm with a vocal performance which places her in a category of her own whilst the mid track solo from guitarist Keir Hicks holds no sweeping prisoners with as much style in his picking as there is skill." (Metal Planet Music)

"Jo-Jo & The Teeth are gurning to be an exciting stand out addition to the brimming UK music scene and I for one will be eagerly watching their ascent into rock notoriety." (Monty Sewell, Metal Planet Music)

"Jo-Jo and the Teeth deliver a big rock sound, full of riffs, blasting vocals, whipping hair flips and a lot of sneers." (Camden Live Music Blog, London)

"New single ‘Don’t get too heavy’ has an upbeat, forward driving sound. Anthemic, uplifting, with sing-along pop hooks and crescendos so thrillingly perfect." (

"‘Don’t Get Too Heavy‘ is a belter ablaze with a liberating style that breathes new life into the genre – a true showstopper of a song." (Original Rock)

"It's a tasty bit of classic rock and roll with an 80's glam twist and damn catchy too." (Loud Enough? Magazine)

"Get your pearly whites into this! No ‘country bumpkins’ in sight…Wet Leg aren’t the only ones to be making waves from the Isle of Wight..." (Paul Bedford, Kick Down The Doors PR, London)

"The Glam-Rock quintet Jo-Jo & The Teeth have dropped the music video for their rich and sophistication studded lead track ‘Don’t Get Too Heavy.’" (Original Rock)

“Expect a fiercely powerful live show with intricate screeching guitar lines and gutsy raucous, vocals that will blow you away.” (Underground Sound, London)

A glamorous Art Rock rebirth forged by the collision of a Canadian powerduo and a fierce Isle of Wight Trio. This transatlantic marriage à-la Fleetwood Mac, blend and bend inspirations from every corner of music. A dark & moody forward driving sound, intimately rooted in good old fashioned guitar rock and roll. Jo-Jo & The Teeth conjures an arena sound and spectacle, woven together with velvety bluesy depths and moments of breezy pop sentiments.

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