"New single ‘Don’t Get Too Heavy‘ sees vocalist Jojo O’Donoghue dripping in glamour on this release, dominating and commanding with a stage presence that oozes charisma and vocals that combine rich rasps and deep velvet tones." - Original Rock

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 "Jo-Jo & The Teeth vocalist Jo-Jo O’Donoghue is a grungy goddess, and the unique alt-rock cadences of this glamorous band is my definition of heavenly." (Vive Le Rock Magazine, London)

A glamorous Art Rock rebirth forged by the collision of a Canadian powerduo and a fierce Isle of Wight Trio. This transatlantic marriage à-la Fleetwood Mac, blend and bend inspirations from every corner of music. A dark & moody forward driving sound, intimately rooted in good old fashioned guitar rock and roll. Jo-Jo & The Teeth conjures an arena sound and spectacle, woven together with velvety bluesy depths and moments of breezy pop sentiments.

“Expect a fiercely powerful live show with intricate screeching guitar lines and gutsy raucous, vocals that will blow you away.” (Underground Sound, London)

Jo-Jo & The Teeth puts on one hell of a show.

A band NOT to be overlooked or underestimated.

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